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How long has WIN been around and what have we been doing?

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In March of 2015, a small group of frustrated citizens met to discuss the possibility of developing a non-partisan, independent approach to electing a more ethical board of supervisors for Washington County.

The consensus was that people living here deserved respect, transparency, and better support of local businesses and increased local funding for education. We also wanted supervisors who would really work towards meeting the need for broadband and who valued the quality of our county's air, and the beautiful land and waterways. These common goals became our core values.

Within a few months over 300 people had signed on and the P.A.C. Washington County Independent Neighbors (WIN) was established. It was a formidable group. In the very next election all three supervisors running for re-election were ousted and replaced with new WIN-endorsed candidates. Three short years later, five of the seven supervisors were WIN-endorsed seat holders.

WIN continues to grow, and our membership remains very much involved in the election of our county supervisors. As issues come up, we always remind our elected officials of WIN's values - shared now by around 600 neighbors.

Aside from cyclical campaign duties, we observe several local government meetings every month, post reports on the WIN website, share information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, meet with many elected officials and partner with other community organizations.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the WIN mission, agrees with the values, and registers as a supporter of WIN. YOU can join WIN here.

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