County Meeting Reports Archive
Welcome to our archive of some recent Washington County, VA government meetings. WIN Steering Committee members attend the Board of Supervisors, the Planning Commission and occasionally the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) meetings in the interest of transparency and openness.

These are not actual minutes, nor trying to be. We are simply watching board members' interactions, their responses to the public, noting votes and flagging issues of interest to WIN. We are keenly interested in how public officials use their positions to guide the county, particularly in matters pertaining to economic development, education, and land use. Attending and reporting on these meetings keeps us all informed and provides a sense of direction the county is taking.

The summary notes provided on this site are NOT the actual minutes of the Washington County Board of Supervisors (or Planning Commission or Industrial Development Authority) meetings. They are NOT the work product of the Washington County Board of Supervisors. WIN makes no representation about the content or accuracy of these notes except to say that they are for the sole use of WIN members and are the sole property of the WIN Steering Committee.

Volunteers do their best, but there may be misunderstandings, omissions and errors in these notes. WIN regrets any mistakes and invites corrections, appropriate amplifications, and discussion signed by the submitter. We encourage you to use the comment feature below to report any discrepancies.

You can find the official records for the Board of Supervisors (also video), the IDA and Planning Commission here:

If you don't see the meeting you are interested in below, please check the WIN blog as the report may not yet have been archived.
2018 meeting notes - Washington Co. Board of Supervisors (BOS)
2018 meeting notes - Washington Co. Industrial Development Authority (IDA)
2018 meeting notes - Washington Co. Planning Commission (PC)
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